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Real Estate Purchase and Sales

Selling a residential or commercial property? For sale by owner?  Have us review your purchase and sale agreement, or fully represent your interests in negotiations to avoid legal problems later.

Buying a property? Have us review your loan documents or purchase and sale agreement. This is particularly important if you are purchasing a bank-owned or foreclosure property.

Why can’t my real estate agent handle my legal problems? Real estate agents are experts in helping you select an appropriate property to buy, or soliciting a qualified purchaser to buy your property. However real estate agents cannot render legal advice when problems arise. We make sure the terms of the contracts are to your best advantage, and we consult with you to explain the terms and answer any questions you may have when problems arise. Many of our clients are referred to us by one of the many real estate agents in Nevada County who know there is no substitute for solid legal advice.

Mortgage/Loan Resolutions

Every day dozens of California residents face foreclosure and financial ruin as the value of their home or investments plummet and sink “underwater.” There are legal strategies to assist. But beware of unscrupulous “loan modification consultants” who charge thousands of dollars of fees with little results.

We have concentrated on ethically and economically guiding individuals through the minefield of legal options, toward financial safety and peace of mind. We have advocated on behalf of clients with every major lender, know what is important to each, and how to elevate our clients’ case to the attention of actual decision makers to secure results. If a short sale is indicated we can review your short sale package before it goes to the lender, and draft a hardship letter your lender will appreciate, instead of dismissing your application out of hand.

Meet with our attorneys to explore all the options be they short sale, debt negotiation, deed-in-lieu of foreclosure, bankruptcy, or strategic default and foreclosure including. Usually, a 1-hour consultation to develop a strategy specific to your loan(s), your lender, and your needs provides a long-term solution. You can then determine what further participation by us you wish, and the extent to which you wish to handle matters yourself.

Please call us to discuss your particular situation, and how we can best assist you.

Dorfman and Sitzberger is fully compliant with all California and federal laws governing the rendering of legal advice in connection with the modification of any federally insured loan and current in all the latest developments in the field, including those concerning the federal Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP), and the federal Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternative (HAFA).

General Real Estate Issues

You have bought or sold your property and now are ready to live happily ever after. But occasionally, issues arise. It may be that your neighbor claims he has an easement over your driveway, or that your garage crosses into your neighbor’s land.  You may discover the seller misrepresented a condition on the property in his disclosure statements, or that you are being accused of not making a necessary disclosure yourself concerning property you sold. Dorfman and Sitzberger has represented buyers, sellers, and real estate agents in every type of real estate controversy. They know the law, they know the evidence to look for, and they can help you with your real estate controversy.

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