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Debra Sitzberger has been representing individuals, corporations and limited liability companies in California and Washington since 1983. While she worked for a prominent large law firm in Seattle Washington at the beginning of her career, she has worked primarily from the perspective of being part of the management team, where results and accomplishments matter, not legal maneuvering. Debra understands that you want to reach certain goals, or obtain a specific outcome; and she is adept in helping you achieve those aims legally, strategically, in the most practical manner possible.  She is a problem solver who will facilitate your transaction, not disrupt it.

Starting Your Business

Business success is founded on correct structure.  If we are your business attorney, you can count on an excellent foundation to support your new or reorganized business. Preliminary Questions to ask Seller

There are very many factors you will need to consider as you form your new business.  You will want to start by writing your business plan which will include attending to the structure of your business, how it will be registered, where will it physically be located, what equipment and supplies will be needed, what permits and registrations are necessary, how it will be financed, who will set up the books and do the bookkeeping. We can help you with the formation of the entity that is appropriate for your business.

There are the tax considerations and business laws that are specific to your location within your state.  You will need to consider the complexity of setting up promotional and advertising to speed your business growth while maintaining ownership of your proprietary information and intellectual property.

We are familiar with all of these problems of business law, and we have solutions to your specific problems.

The Scope of Business Law

While Business Law is commonly thought of only as the creation, management, and operation of a service or product business, it is much more complex and includes myriad interpretations and applications of Contracts, Corporation Law, Securities Law, and the requirements of securing rights in Intellectual Property.

There are complex laws relating to Commercial Loans, Leases, Service Contracts, and other laws and regulations that can impact a business negatively. There is Immigration Law, Labor Law, Employment Law, and other laws and regulations that also can impact a business negatively.

Common Problems Relating to Business Law Interrelationship Between Business Law and Real Estate

Whether a transaction takes the form of a Purchase or Lease of Real Property, the laws of Agency and Fiduciary Responsibility are important; especially in California where most real property transactions are completed without the oversight of a qualified attorney.

A real estate transaction can include buyer, seller, selling agent, buyers agent, and escrow agents.  Each has agency responsibilities and fiduciary responsibilities.  The interactions are exceedingly complex with the elements of asking price vs. selling price, agent commission and commission splits, legal obligations of the seller to disclose, the agent/s obligation to disclose, and ethical constraints of agents with respect to disclosure — especially when one agent is representing both sides of the sale.

The very complexity of business law provides a myriad of traps for a business man or woman who is trying to build their future without legal interruption.

Clearly, early contact with legal representation in most transactions is very good practice.


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