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This is our “Report Card” that tells us how well you have been satisfied with our service to you.

Your review also has a profound effect on the decision of a prospective new client to engage us to help them with their own legal problems.

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 Kevin P.

God bless both of you!! Please do me a huge favor….

Each of you take 30 seconds (or 10 seconds) and picture [me] Kevin P., my looks, my stories etc.   OK, now think for a second about my case.

Look at what a super- wonderful thing you did for me.

Wow!   That is one hell of an act of service, huh? I hope you let yourself feel auspicious and very proud of what you have given to J. [my wife] and I.

I hope we see each other again….for whatever. You guys are the coolest!

Tim Hood

I was deep into negotiations on purchasing a commercial property when it became very apparent that I was in way over my head as I had never owned any commercial property before and the only realtor involved represented the seller. I did an internet search in the Grass Valley region for a real estate lawyer, found Debra and gave her a call. She answered personally and that same day I met with her. She guided me through the whole negotiation and purchase process including setting up an LLC and complying with all the regulatory requirements. Her advice, guidance and quick responses were indispensable to the very fast 23 day closing process. I highly recommend her and will continue to utilize her services whenever needed in all future commercial property endeavors.

Lynn RoseLynn Rose

Debra is a wonderful attorney. She has worked diligently on my case, even while she was on her much needed vacation. I would highly recommend her to any and all. You are only allowed to rate on a 1-5 basis. I would rate her so much higher if it was possible. People, if you have legal issues pertaining to property … Debra Sitzberger should definitely be your ‘Go To Attorney ‘ Thank You Debra 😊🌹

Vern ClintonVern ClintonSilk Shorts, Inc.

I have been doing business with Debra Sitzberger and Neil Dorfman for over a year. I have been extremely impressed with the high regard in which they are held by their clients. I highly recommend them to all of my family and business associates.

Tanya B.Tanya B.

Debra is very compassionate and attentive. I recently consulted with her on a real estate case. After calling numerous attorneys and paying for them to… Read More

Karen B.Karen B.

I was referred to Attorney Debbi Sitzberger as one who could possibly answer my question that required the expertise of a tax attorney. Ms. Sitzberger… Read More

Robert B.Robert B.

The law offices of Dorfman and Sitzberger have been assisting me and my business since around 2005. Neil and Debra are quite the team. With their varied… Read More


Lydia ThomasLydia Thomas

This team is incredible, excellent communication, transparency, and a wealth of knowledge. We would not have been successful without enlisting their help. Debra and Neil have a no nonsense approach, answer all questions concisely, and really invested time into ensuring not only our understanding of the systems and processes, but also the possible outcomes. They are a valuable a trusted resource and our community is so fortunate to have them.

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Taylor PenaTaylor Pena

I was going through a family home sale transaction as the buyer. This was my first time buying a home and it was unconventional as my family (sellers) and I didn't need a real estate agent. I needed help! I found Debra online, called her office, and she answered immediately. She listened to my needs and guided me as well. I needed to put together a purchase contract for the home and Debra worked quickly on it. She educated me on what needed to take place and I felt like I was in good hands from there on out. I highly recommend working with Debra for all of your real estate legal needs.

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Alexandra CarelliAlexandra Carelli

Neil was so helpful, supportive, and creative throughout the time we worked with him on an insurance claim. His endurance and dedication to our case was impressive. He was so compassionate and understanding of our situation and helped us to feel empowered and educated throughout the experience. Thank you so much Neil! You're the best!

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trevor thomsontrevor thomson

I had a very difficult homeowners insurance claim which went on for 18 months. At every turn I was met with dishonesty by the insurer. After gaining some ground myself I realized I needed an attorney. I found Dorfman and Sitzberger. I submitted a detailed account of the facts for their review. Neil and Debra were busy but were kind enough to take my case on. Through the process the insurance company took a long of time to respond to requests but Neil kept at it. After some time we reached a more fair resolution for the damage. The process of having a professional expert like Neil was amazing. I had a bad result seeking legal help in the past and I was very scared of over billing. Working with Neil and Debra was quite the opposite. I will forever be grateful to have had the help of experts who are honest and nice to work with. Thank you!!

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Holly JohnsonHolly Johnson

Of all the great things about Neil, I loved that when someone else could do some of the legwork at a lower cost, he recommended I enlist someone else. He definitely is in this job to "do good" rather than "rake in money" and I really respect and appreciate that. ~h.

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