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This is our “Report Card” that tells us how well you have been satisfied with our service to you.

Your review also has a profound effect on the decision of a prospective new client to engage us to help them with their own legal problems.

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Vern ClintonVern ClintonSilk Shorts, Inc.

I have been doing business with Debra Sitzberger and Neil Dorfman for over a year. I have been extremely impressed with the high regard in which they are held by their clients. I highly recommend them to all of my family and business associates.

Tanya B.Tanya B.

Debra is very compassionate and attentive. I recently consulted with her on a real estate case. After calling numerous attorneys and paying for them to...Read More

Robert B.Robert B.

The law offices of Dorfman and Sitzberger have been assisting me and my business since around 2005. Neil and Debra are quite the team. With their varied...Read More

Karen B.Karen B.

I was referred to Attorney Debbi Sitzberger as one who could possibly answer my question that required the expertise of a tax attorney. Ms. Sitzberger...Read More

Rachael PfadtRachael Pfadt

This team is amazing! The knowledge they share and the experience they have can conquer all your legal business needs! They share great information weekly and take excellent care of their clients. HIGHLY recommend!!!

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Vern ClintonVern Clinton

I met Debra and Neil through a business group in Grass Valley and learned about their practice. So, when I needed legal advice relating to my business I had a preliminary discussion with Debra. She showed an incredibly thorough knowledge of business law. I know she's also an expert in real estate law although that is not something I needed.

Anyway, I think it makes sense to give reviews to the people I do business with--especially when I feel they are genuine in their concern for my satisfaction and are able to perform as well or better than expected.

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Machen MacDonaldMachen MacDonald

Debra is a true professional in every sense of the word. She has a deep understanding of the law and is able to help her clients get what they want. She has a wonderful way in her ability to connect with others and explain complex situations so that they can be understood and properly navigated.

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Ryan HoskinRyan Hoskin

Debra was great to work with. She understood my business challenges and was able to create a solid solution for me.

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Eric DickersonEric Dickerson