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Our Winning Approach

Neil Dorfman and Debra Sitzberger, law partners and spouses, have over 70 combined years of legal experience. They bring a sophisticated and seasoned approach, combined with an appreciation of what it means to live, raise a family, and do business in our great Northern California community.

They provide considerate and compassionate guidance, while maintaining a commitment to achieving the best possible outcome for you. They offer personalized, creative legal solutions and a results-oriented approach, meeting the challenge of complex or unique situations with perspective, experience, and skill.

Our Stellar Reputation

The Law Offices of Dorfman and Sitzberger have been awarded Nevada County’s Best Attorney, 3 times running!

Our Success Stories


The Dorfman/Sitzberger law firm has served us very well. The team demonstrated comprehensive understanding of the law, but more importantly, they fit applicable law to our needs with precision, saving us time, money and aggravation.

– Judith and Alfred Kildow

Debra Sitzberger is amazing! I have witnessed her in action both professionally and personally and have found her to be tenacious, skilled, sharp witted and VERY smart. Plus, she really makes things happen! I have the utmost of respect for her!

– Barbara Parrott

Having Debra handle my modification has been a pleasure and relief as she and her staff guided me through the process of having a second mortgage that was weighing heavily on me and my future reduced to something that was within my means. I highly recommend any one with a problem mortgage to having Debra take a look at the possibilities.

– Lyle Westerlund

Over a period of 4 years we worked through a case with Mr. Dorfman that in the end gave us a very just and favorable outcome. Having no knowledge of the legal system at this level he walked us through each step with patience and efficiency. The case was multi-leveled and he took each portion of the suit and put it all together in a way that gave us a settlement that we were very happy with in the end. He was extremely pleasant to work with and after sitting through depositions and settlement hearings, I would not want to be on the other side of the table from Neil Dorfman. Thank you Neil!!!!!

– Chellie, Grass Valley, CA

Lost a deck due to a huge snowstorm and the snow sliding off of our roof and causing the deck to fall to the ground. Insurance company said the weight of the snow causing the deck to collapse was not covered. I said the collapse was due to impact force – like a tree falling on the deck – but they denied the claim. Then the insurance company said because the deck was wood it was not covered, then the deck was not even a structure so it was not covered. And on and on. I was referred to Neil Dorfman from a friend who knew someone else that worked with Neil on another claim. Mr. Dorfman took over dealing with the insurance company and the communications went on for a year with the insurance company eventually suing ME for a Summary Judgement. Mr. Dorfman counter-sued the insurance company and made it clear they couldn’t really sue me as their own client and after a year of this going back and forth the insurance company finally settled for a NEW deck (costing $100,000) and paid all attorneys fees in the process. During the process, Mr. Dorfman brought in engineering specialists to analyze the deck and the situation, brought in a real estate consultant to determine damages for loss of use of the deck, and brought in contractors to determine costs of fixing and replacing the deck. I believe Mr. Dorfman was very thorough, knowledgeable, and competent. I would use him again.

– Robert, Nevada City CA